Payment Methods

At RacingBees, the following payment methods are accepted:

Please note that regardless of the method of payment, all transactions are subject to Ontario's HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) of 13%

1) Cash (For in-store purchases only)

*If we suspect that the bill is counterfeit, we reserve the right to decline the payment.

2) Debit Cards issued from a Canadian bank institution. 

*Bank issued gift cards are not accepted.

3) Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard

*American Express is not accepted.

*For in-store purchases: A 3% charge is required in addition to the Ontario’s 13% HST).

4) Other forms of payment: PayPal, ApplePay


  • Over-the-phone payments are not an accepted method of payment.
  • We reserve the right to accept or decline any method of payment.

Thank you and happy shopping!